Investing in 2023

Your goal always in sight. Especially now.

Stock exchanges have had a brilliant start to the new year. However, there are signs of some unease. Memories of last year’s turbulence are still too fresh. Have you been finding this too?

The capital market had to get through a lot in 2022. The return of inflation and tight monetary policy brought the long-term trend of declining bond yields to an abrupt end. Yields to maturity shot up significantly, going by the volume of outstanding bonds with a negative yield. (cf. graph). At its peak, this dynamic was affecting a third of all bonds, although the figure has now fallen to zero.

Market values Bonds

As was the case last year, the inflation rate will continue to be a focus in 2023. The level of inflation will have an effect on the economic outlook for both bonds and equities. Inflation has in fact been falling in the USA and in Europe, thereby reducing a major element of uncertainty, although this doesn’t mean that uncertainty has now been banished. However, we are seeking increasing investment opportunities.

We will be pleased to discuss specific investment options with you. Whether you’re interested in investment consulting or wealth management, it’s a good idea to have regular exchanges of views. If you’re still not sure how you would like to invest your money, we’ll be pleased to illustrate various options to you.

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We recommend that higher yields be leveraged in order to build up good quality interest-bearing securities.

Dr. Felix Brill Chief Investment Officer

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