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Capital structure, the share, exchange listing

What is the structure of VP Bank's share capital?

As at 31 December 2021, VP Bank's share capital amounts to CHF 66,154,167 and is divided into 6,004,167 fully paid-in registered shares B each with a nominal value of CHF 1.00 and 6,015,000 registered shares A each with a nominal value of CHF 10.00. VP Bank has not issued any participation or dividend rights certificates.

What is VP Bank's shareholder structure?

VP Bank has a well-balanced shareholder structure, with sound anchor shareholders from outside the finance sector and a free float of 52.45% (as at 31 December 2021).

Where are VP Bank shares listed?

The registered shares A of VP Bank are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and are freely tradeable. The registered shares B are not listed but are spread among the population of the Liechtenstein region.

What are the security number, ISIN and ticker symbol for the VP Bank share?

The security number for the A registered shares of VP Bank is 31548726, the ISIN is LI0315487269 and the ticker symbol is VPBN.

What are the Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg ticker symbols for the VP Bank stock?

The Thomson Reuters ticker symbol is VPBN.S, and the Bloomberg ticker symbol is VPBN.

Where can the current VP Bank share price be followed?

Up-to-date share price information (with a slight time-lag) can be found on the "VP Bank share" page in the "Investor Relations" section of the website or on the SIX Swiss Exchange website.

In which indices is the VP Bank stock included?

The VP Bank stock is included in the SPI, SPI Extra, SPI ex SLI and Swiss All Share Index on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

What is VP Bank's dividend policy?

The aim is to generate a steady stream of dividend payments. Between 40% and 60% of Group net income is to be paid out to the shareholders.

When are the dividends paid out?

VP Bank's practice is based on the Swiss market standard for dividend payments.

The ex-dividend day (ex date) is the stock exchange trading day on which the shares are first traded without dividend. It is two stock exchange trading days after the general meeting of shareholders.

The dividend record date defines who is entitled to receive a dividend. If shareholders own shares on the record date, they are entitled to the dividend. The record date is one stock exchange trading day after the ex-dividend day.

On the dividend payment date dividends are paid out to all shareholders who were entitled to receive a dividend on the record date. The dividend payment date is one stock exchange trading day after the record date and thus usually four stock exchange trading days after the general meeting of shareholders.


2023 dividend payment schedule

Ex-dividend day (ex date)

3 May 2023

Dividend record date

4 May 2023

Dividend payment date

5 May 2023

General meeting of shareholders

When does the VP Bank general meeting of shareholders take place?

The annual general meeting of shareholders is held at the end of April. The exact date is published in the corporate calendar in the "Media" section of the VP Bank website.

Which shares confer voting rights at the VP Bank general meeting of shareholders?

At the general meeting of shareholders of VP Bank each B registered share (nominal value: CHF 1) and each A registered share (nominal value: CHF 10) confer one vote, regardless of nominal value. Each shareholder may either attend the general meeting in person or opt to be represented by some other shareholder by means of a written authorisation.

How are people invited to the VP Bank general meeting of shareholders?

Invitations to the general meeting and the meeting agenda are sent out to holders of B registered shareholders who have been entered into the share register receive an invitation to the annual general meeting, including the related agenda, sent to the address known to VP Bank. The invitation to the general meeting is also published in the Liechtenstein newspapers and the Swiss financial press.


What is VP Bank's information and reporting policy?

VP Bank keeps the shareholders and the financial markets informed openly, comprehensively and promptly. Our information policy is based on the principle of equal treatment of all capital market participants. The shareholders and the markets are kept informed by means of detailed publications, such as our annual and semi-annual reports, and media releases.

When do VP Bank's financial publications appear?

The publication dates for the annual and semi-annual reports are published in the corporate calendar in the "Media" section of the website.

What accounting standard does VP Bank apply?

VP Bank Group financial statements are drawn up in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

How can one order a hard copy of the annual report?

The printed version of the annual report can be ordered under "Investor Relations Downloads" in the "Downloads" section of the website. Available on the same web page are online versions of the reports (including archived reports) and PDF versions for download.

Where can we find information on corporate governance?

Information on corporate governance can be found in the annual report and in the "Corporate governance & remuneration" section of the website.


Why is VP Bank a unique investment?

Within the German-speaking region VP Bank is the only independent private bank with a clear business model based on Client Solutions, business with Intermediaries, Wealthy Individuals and local Retail & Commercial Banking that is listed on the stock exchange and boasts an A rating from Standard & Poor's.

Combining trusted personal advice with open digital platforms and ecosystems, we are implementing an innovative business model with new sources of revenue that are crucial for our successful push into the future of wealth management.

What is the vision of VP Bank?

With Strategy 2026, we are pursuing the ambition of establishing ourselves as an international Open Wealth Service pioneer. We are rethinking wealth management experience and beginning a new «Open Wealth» chapter based on an innovative open platform for comprehensive wealth services. Combining our strengths in traditional banking with the advantages of a digital ecosystem, we provide an array of new and innovative products and services to our clients.

What qualitative targets is VP Bank striving for?
  • With “Evolve” we are building on our strengths and developing our existing group-wide business at our international locations.

  • With “Scale” we are optimising and scaling up bank-wide processes and systems and creating the technical foundation for our new business model.

  • With “Move” we are setting ourselves new goals and tapping into new business opportunities. Thanks to our financial stability, our robust organisation and our excellent reputation, we are seizing this opportunity from a position of strength.

What quantitative targets is VP Bank striving for?

Goals for the end of 2026:

  • Profit: Group net income of CHF 100 million until 2026 (as at 30 June 2022: CHF 21.3 million)
  • Growth: Net new money >4% p.a. over the cycle
  • Profitability: Profit margin >15 bps and Cost/income ratio 70% until 2026 (as at 30 August 2022: 85.7%)
  • Tier 1 ratio > 20% over the cycle (as at 30 August 2022: 22.8%)

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