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Coronavirus information

During times in which opportunities for personal contact are limited, we have expanded our service offering in a targeted manner with video consultations and online specialist events.

Paul H. Arni, Chief Executive Officer of VP Bank Group
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The restrictions enforced due to the coronavirus crisis mean that client consultations and advisory sessions can currently only be held in person on a limited basis and under difficult conditions. Our physical client and expert events can also not be held until further notice and will be postponed until a later date.

The provision of personal advice is one of our core competencies and in light of the current situation, we have added digital video consultations to our range of services. Regardless of any possible restrictions, we are therefore able to offer our clients a direct, personal and visual link to our client advisors. The video consultations supplement our tried-and-tested contact forms such as personal discussions, phone calls and the exchanging of e-mails with an online communication tool with image and sound. Using this service, investment themes and investment proposals can be discussed live and in real time in a transparent and understandable manner, while screen contents can also be shared. Clients are able to follow all of the advisor’s input and immediately ask questions or express desired changes. Using video consultations, an individual investment concept can be discussed and created effectively and in mutual dialogue. With our new platform for video consultations, we are creating a meaningful link between the online and offline worlds. Effective immediately, our clients can thus look forward to an exchange with their client advisor live and from the comfort of their own home.

In the current situation, it is especially important to us to regularly provide you with up-to-date information on the financial markets and economic events. For this reason, we will now hold our “VP Bank Experts” events digitally. Over the coming weeks, we will regularly offer web-based video conferences in which our experts will provide current insights into the economic situation and events on the stock markets. During the conferences, you will have the opportunity to pose questions directly to our experts via the chat function. Speak to your client advisor about our new “VP Bank Expert – Digital” web conferences. We will then immediately provide you with a personal invitation via e-mail to the next conference together with the relevant access data. You will also be able to access a video recording of our events on our website.

Ensuring a personal client relationship and regular contact with our private banking clients and intermediaries is our top priority. With the combination of video consultations and online specialist events, we are offering new digital services that will allow us to better meet our clients’ needs.

During times in which direct client discussions are only possible to a limited extent, we are expanding our offering with additional online services so that we can also optimally provide our clients with information and advice during this difficult period.

Paul H. Arni, Chief Executive Officer of VP Bank Gruppe