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VP Bank launches Open API in Liechtenstein

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Since 1 January 2021, the VP Bank Open API has been active for clients using VP Bank's online services in Liechtenstein. VP Bank's API services are based on the Berlin Group Access-to-Account (XSA2) specifications and meet the requirements of the PSD2 regulation. VP Bank in Luxembourg has already supported this service since fall 2019.

Thanks to the activation of API services for simplified payment transactions with third-party service providers, payments can be submitted via the PSD2 interface and account information from various banking institutions can be aggregated.

Third-party service providers wishing to use the VP Bank Open API must present a qualified certificate for authentication issued by a qualified trust service provider according eIDAS regulation. The content of the certificate has to be compliant with the requirements of the Regulatory Technical Standards of European Banking Authority.

Further information on the use of the VP Bank Open API as well as the possibility to register for the protected area for the Liechtenstein location can be found here.

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