Retirement planning

Retirement planning

Your retirement – our responsibility

Professional planning is the best way to ensure that you can look forward to retirement worry-free. We help you to make the right decisions on the road to retirement to ensure your financial security and avoid risks. With our retirement plan, we work with you to create the basis for your successful future.

The main reason why people fail to plan for retirement comprehensively and early on is that they misjudge just how important and pressing comprehensive planning is. You have to start planning for retirement much earlier than you might think. It is only if you start planning in good time that you can take advantage of the scope for optimisation available to you and have enough time to turn your personal wishes into a reality.

The complexity of the matter is another reason why people often start thinking about, and planning, their retirement too late in the game. People who are not experts in the field tend to be put off by the large number of questions and the many dependencies and links between specialist areas such as pension planning, tax, law, investments, mortgages, real estate and insurance. Financial planning is indeed a complex matter. This is exactly why seeking professional advice is a sensible and important option.

To sum it up: there is hardly any other life event that brings financial changes on the same scale as retirement does. And there is no opportunity for a “dress rehearsal”, because it only happens once. This is why it is almost always worthwhile to start planning your own retirement early on, comprehensively and with the help of professionals.

The advantages for you:

  • Independent and comprehensive retirement planning, taking account of all relevant pension-related aspects – this gives you the security you need to plan, particularly for the period after you give up work
  • Financial optimisation (reduced expenses, increased income)
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing you are ideally positioned for your financial future
  • Concept designed to safeguard income after retirement, tailored to suit your overall financial situation
  • A personal financial plan as a “map for your financial future”, allowing you to plan all other major financial changes – the financial plan can be updated without incurring any major expense

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